Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laws of Attraction;Choice

Do you really have a choice?
Human beings were given the freedom over will. Whatever religious views you prescribe to, you as an individual have to make day to day decisions. In essence the decisions that we make every second play a major role in shaping out your future. From choosing what colour of shoes to wear to whether to apply for that new job or even whether or not to keep that pregnancy. All those aforementioned are decisions: Choices. The thing about decisions is that no one can make them for you. People can advice you, experience can teach you and destiny can guide you but at the end of the day the cycle of life cannot proceed without you making a choice.
Its common for people to say ‘ I did not have a choice’ . That is a paradox in itself because it usually comes right after someone has made a decision. As human beings, we naturally prefer to take the easy way out. Rarely do we take responsibility of actions that may impact a people negatively. We mostly take credit for positive actions and thus the need to say ‘I did not have a choice’ or ‘It is not my fault’
The understanding of choice liberates a man. If you want to spend your whole life letting things happen to you, you have chosen it. Nothing just happens, everything is orchestrated by choice. So why not make decisions that tailor fit your needs, desires, goals, and beliefs. You choose what you want your legacy to be.
To make a choice is easy but to consciously make a choice is hard. To get ahead at work, you may need to brush a lot of people the wrong way on your way to the top. A conscious decision for someone who is not driven by greed, jealousy, and materialism will vary from a person who does not hold any of these qualities. Be it as it may the decisions you make as an individual will draft a path for you either closer to your destiny or further.

Thats all Im saying

To be cont...


  1. I equate choice to free will...God Himself gave us that gift...I like your writing. Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

  2. Well thought out. WORD!!!. Thank God you are back.Your gift of writnig ig God given.Dont waste it.

  3. wow good peace of literature keep up your gift. thanks

  4. Sheila, i love this piece. You are gifted and I like the way you use your talents. I see you growing to become a very educative talk show host.

    man is a free moral being so if you don't take a RIGHT TURN, you have automatically unconciously CHOOSEN the LEFT TURN!
    the saying goes "if u fail to *prepare* u have *prepared* (choosen)to fail".
    your origin & parents & the circumstances surrounding you may not have been in your control but instead of remaining in that state whining, you can always pick up something good from that low level & use the experience as a stepping stone to your pedestral.YOUR CHOICE!

    if you want to see what CHOICE i made yesterday, look into my actions today & watch out for the results it good or bad*

  6. i love u sheila, everything that comes from u, ur mind & brain, u have such a good piece of message to all ur people, east africa, africa and the world atlarge.