Monday, January 24, 2011

Evolution of Tradition.

Is it possible that the hem that holds Africa together could be the blade tearing us apart?

Tradition definition:cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs and institutions.

As far as African civilisations go, it was apparent that the woman's role was mostly submissive; hardly any administrative role. So an old adage tells us 'the place of the woman is in the kitchen' .I wonder what the guy who came up with this line would say now in an era where women run industries, homes, countries. My question is how is it possible to prescribe to traditions that were there centuries ago, imposing them in the 21st century?

Can tradition evolve? Hell yeah.

case study:

Polygamy was an African practice pre christianity era. Men would be allowed upto as many wives as they could afford. Today, most African countries that have embraced christianity have shunned polygamy and have opted monogamy, ofcourse because of their new found beliefs.Infact in some African countries it is illegal to have more than one wife.

Lets not even pretend for one second that traditions are not evolving. But why are we still holding our women captive all in the name of tradition? Clearly someone is making the decisions of what traditions to carry forward into the future and which ones to make illegal. Who makes this decisions if not us. Or worse still we have let 'someoneelse' make those very vital decisions for the growth of this continent.

It is important to know where you are coming from to know how much further you need to go to get to your goals. The challenge for Africa is an evolving one. With new infrasturcture, technology, globalization etc we are slowly consuming a lot of influences from all over the world and the adverse effects are breaking us further apart as a continent. Africa is losing its identity of being the source and is now characterised by wars, poverty,diseases and all kinds of suffering.

It shouldnt be this way you know. I believe our tradiotions will be our identity. But surely we cannot be prescribing to old traditions. The evolution of our traditions as a continent will be key in uniting this continent. We should be proud of our differences from the rest of the world. Let the world emulate us. Let them want to be us.

I fear that my childrens' children will never understand what Africa is and its potential. Why? because day by day we lose our identity. 100years from now, the whole world will be one big village(we are slowly heading there). No culture, No morals, No identity. How important is your own identity to you?

Key Point: Lets embrace change as a continent. Sustainable change for all,with no ulterior motives of trying to hold back one group of people from progressing. We need our traditions,as a blue print so we can never lose our identity.

Thats all Im saying.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


From an early age, I knew I was an African. But I can say now that it didn’t mean anything special for me at that time to recognize my race. As I got older, watching flicks like Sarafina sort of opened my eyes to a lot of things going on around me. School taught me a lot about what a flourishing race we were before the white man came and took our land and subdued us to humiliation for decades. I learnt so much about the white man and his ways growing up, that sometimes it is easier to identify with his ways and forget my heritage. While I was learning all this things about Europe, Americas etc, I forgot about my home, my people, our pride.
In the past two years I have been blessed to travel within the continent. And I realise that Africans mostly know stereotypes about each other. That’s the equivalent of gossip might I add. Think about it. We hardly know anything about each other but we know a whole lot about other continents.
The label the white man gave this continent ‘the dark continent’ is sort of apt here as we are like strangers living under one house. The truth is we are all just one big family.
This continent has all you need. Trust me. Everything that you need is here. Wealth, wonders, culture, and beautiful weather you name it. But we prefer to go on holiday in the Bahamas because we probably know more about the Caribbean than Kenya which has more flora and fauna and it will cost you less.
The sad reality is that because we refuse to learn about each other, the continent remains divided. We lose out. We bleed ourselves dry constantly on our knees to the other continents who in essence are our peers. We have reduced ourselves to beggars, whoring ourselves out for loans when we have the resources. We are letting our brothers fight and kill each other in wars; you lie to yourself if you think civil wars in Africa have nothing to do with you if you are an African. We let them slander our brothers in ‘their’ media so as to create a greater rift between us. It affects you it affects me.
That’s all I’m saying
To be continued...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laws of attraction; Dreams and Action

If you want to move forward there has to be some sort of action towards the same. The difference between the most beautiful girl in the world and Miss world, The fastest person in the world and Usain Bolt is that the latter after realising their talent,they went out and used it. They took action to make things happen for them.

We all have dreams,difference is quality and attention to detail. In relation to the laws of attraction,you are as you dream and your efforts in achieving.To dream is free. It is rewarding for anyone who has ever dreamt something for themselves and actually worked towards it and actualised it.

Dont spend your life dreaming;marry your ambitions with effort.

If you dream of being a good father to your kids and you are not putting any effort to know more about them and spending time with them, you are a dreamer. The thing about a dreamer is he spends alot of time teaching himself how to make his dreams a reality even if his reality is only in his head.But when you stop dreaming,you have nothing to look forward to and thus you end up being mediocre.

Refuse to be mediocre. Dream,put effort and avoid dream kllers. Dont be afraid to live. Dont be that guy that looks back at his life and realises that he did not dream,or that he did not follow his dreams or worse still allowed the dream killers to reign.

Im just saying.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laws of Attraction;Choice

Do you really have a choice?
Human beings were given the freedom over will. Whatever religious views you prescribe to, you as an individual have to make day to day decisions. In essence the decisions that we make every second play a major role in shaping out your future. From choosing what colour of shoes to wear to whether to apply for that new job or even whether or not to keep that pregnancy. All those aforementioned are decisions: Choices. The thing about decisions is that no one can make them for you. People can advice you, experience can teach you and destiny can guide you but at the end of the day the cycle of life cannot proceed without you making a choice.
Its common for people to say ‘ I did not have a choice’ . That is a paradox in itself because it usually comes right after someone has made a decision. As human beings, we naturally prefer to take the easy way out. Rarely do we take responsibility of actions that may impact a people negatively. We mostly take credit for positive actions and thus the need to say ‘I did not have a choice’ or ‘It is not my fault’
The understanding of choice liberates a man. If you want to spend your whole life letting things happen to you, you have chosen it. Nothing just happens, everything is orchestrated by choice. So why not make decisions that tailor fit your needs, desires, goals, and beliefs. You choose what you want your legacy to be.
To make a choice is easy but to consciously make a choice is hard. To get ahead at work, you may need to brush a lot of people the wrong way on your way to the top. A conscious decision for someone who is not driven by greed, jealousy, and materialism will vary from a person who does not hold any of these qualities. Be it as it may the decisions you make as an individual will draft a path for you either closer to your destiny or further.

Thats all Im saying

To be cont...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Laws of attraction;Low ambition

Do you attract what you get? I highly believe so and I have evidence to prove it. So this post is for all of you out there who keep asking why you keep dating the same type of people,why the same problem occurs in your life,why you cant get ahead...bla bla.

First, you have low ambition. Story 1: Im a single man in my late twenties. Im single by choice I guess. The problem is the women who have been,trying to be or are in my life have all been psychotic one way or the other. They all really smart,talented,witty but when we hook up they go crazy. From trying to steal my sperm to trying to kill themselves. Whats the deal here?

My Opinion: Like I said Low ambition. There are many good women out there who are not psychotic. In actual sense what Im seeing here is a typical case of denial. These women were clearly sane before they met you. There a lot of factors that go into driving a woman crazy but thats a story for another day. What you need to establlish first and foremost is what you intend to get out of these relationships. Why so? Women are more decisive than men when it comes to relationships in my opinion. Did you know that a woman can tell where she wants to take the relationship from the first meeting. So she may want marriage and you may want a good SHORT time. That creates a problem as she will want things that you are not willing to give and then she will either walk away or like yours,turn psychotic.

Now do you see how it is your problem.
Thats all Im saying.
Happy Tuesday.

To be cont: