Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laws of attraction; Dreams and Action

If you want to move forward there has to be some sort of action towards the same. The difference between the most beautiful girl in the world and Miss world, The fastest person in the world and Usain Bolt is that the latter after realising their talent,they went out and used it. They took action to make things happen for them.

We all have dreams,difference is quality and attention to detail. In relation to the laws of attraction,you are as you dream and your efforts in achieving.To dream is free. It is rewarding for anyone who has ever dreamt something for themselves and actually worked towards it and actualised it.

Dont spend your life dreaming;marry your ambitions with effort.

If you dream of being a good father to your kids and you are not putting any effort to know more about them and spending time with them, you are a dreamer. The thing about a dreamer is he spends alot of time teaching himself how to make his dreams a reality even if his reality is only in his head.But when you stop dreaming,you have nothing to look forward to and thus you end up being mediocre.

Refuse to be mediocre. Dream,put effort and avoid dream kllers. Dont be afraid to live. Dont be that guy that looks back at his life and realises that he did not dream,or that he did not follow his dreams or worse still allowed the dream killers to reign.

Im just saying.


  1. love it...marry your dream...strong words they are!

  2. Good piece, how ever the challenge is fear of the un known, hence fear to venture in to the un known.

  3. Lovely inspirational read as usual...never let the dream killers reign.

  4. Great read as usuall my dear! in my opinion writing is your strongest gift from God. Its better to try and fail than not to try at all. If you are afraid you will never realise your dream.

  5. Words of Wisdom. I have dreams but i want to act on my dreams as well.

  6. Marry your dream...thats a powerful statement.....hats off kwambox


    *Always have (((BIG DREAMS))), i mean always, because:
    1. It's for everyone at no cost at all.
    2. Even if you don't get to a desired point, you still would achieved...
    "shoot for the moon, if you fell you would have landed among the stars".

    **Always have [[[APPROPRIATE ACTION]]] directed towards realizing your dreams, by:
    1. Entangling yourself with the right information in the right environment & of course with the right "people".
    2. starting from whatever point you are.
    Remember "a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step"


  8. two types of failures....those who dream and never do and those who do and never dream.....healthy balance btwn the two is needed... i'm just saying