Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Letter to Earth.

No two people are alike.
So unique we are that we aren’t unique
By definition, unique; in a class of its own
So is everyone in a class of their own?
How a people all from one region sharing the same resources cannot come to one simple definition of their intertwined futures exists;
How ironies of life define our cultures and traditions
They celebrate the woman for her gift of giving life
But enslave her in their masochism
Suffocate her with their rules.
How the youth of the world are considered promiscuous
While the above 40’s cliques are more at risk from HIV, numbers don’t lie!
What inspires a people of a same region to be similar?
To look the same, speak the same, eat the same.
Is it in the air, or in the water?
That a whole planet of same raced creatures
Refuse to accept each other as brothers
Instead fight amongst each other for superiority over each other.
Replace their sanity with useless emotions
like Hate= Violence
Greed+ Wits= Power
Etc...and for what?
They have blinded themselves from the endless possibilities that equip them for life.
How can they then agree on what’s good for them?
That they preach love but breed greed , envy , deceit ,
So we shall watch and see....
Tell our brothers the war is over.
We will no longer have to fight each other
The earth does not care anymore...
She wants us out and she will get us out one by one.