Monday, November 2, 2009


I have been looking forward to share my thoughts with whoever cares to listen so I went out and made me a blog. So if you are reading this,thanx for taking the time out.

So what guy of late theres just madd invasion of naija music in the kenyan market,mtvbase,channel o in i probably know more naija acts than kenyan acts and i must loving it .every inch of that pidgin that i hardly understand most of what is said...what!!!

kwanza if you soma my status update,' e no easy' ,is the title to the new p square jam and that melody cant get it out of my listening to more and more naija music and less and even lesser kenyan music.

whats with the naija music.what is giving it that appeal,that i still cant explain?
you know what, il be honest. I love the music,the culture,the pidgin....hey!I beg. Need I say more.

dont get me wrong, NAJIVUNIA KUWA MKENYA, but naija music has got my attention.


  1. ...yeah,true,i feel u sana on that.especially for a guy like me in malaysia,as in our area where our school is so full of naijas and there's a naija club a min away.u guy new music droppin every week and it just lifts ur spirit.songs that just make u wanna dance or get hyper!and that pidgin just grows on u oboi.wetin dey happen?!naijas have a lovely culture,language with brilliant music and they aint afraid to floss it out 2 everyone whether through talking,dancing,singing,rapping,fashion...all ways.big ups 2 the number 1 hustlas in the universe.speakin of which nonini was here in malaysia during the weekend and we couldn't help but notice the respect he gave to the ogas even when performin.

  2. ARE you dey serious??/even the artists who should be focusin on promoting kenya are promoting the naija...hey!!1but thanx kinghenry you are the first to comment on my blog and you seem to understand what i dey say...

  3. ...dont take it in a different jus semain Nonz was astounded by the no of naijas here and their 'swag.'he wasnt promotin them in any way.
    congrats on ur blog.lookin forward to seeing mo of ur posts.usituache hanging.
    be blessed

  4. I knoww,ryt?! am from ug but still naija music is taking over too hard! DBANJ_mayne that guy'z too himself and his music is KILLING..bankyw-strong thing! M.I..that new psquare song,Ikechukwu,Naeto C shit i could go on forever! man, Jay Z's always been my best but of late, Naija music is almost all i listen too!!

  5. Hey Sheila! I gotta say, its bn brill reading ur blog in the past hour... I love ur objective n interesting views from the simplest topics. I pray u dnt stop blogging wiv ur nu schedule. Am an avid blog reader n i'd love reading more from u.
    U rock gyal..... And looking forward to reading more from u

  6. Sheila we are waiting to read your writing.