Monday, November 9, 2009


Im greatly concerned about Mr. louise the pest. For those of you who don't know who this great 'personality' is let me fill you in.

There is a pesticide spray called mortein doom. Louise has been in mortein doom,mortein doom fast kill,mortein doom super fast kill,mortein doom super herbal,return of the mosquitoes among other super episodes.

In all the commercials, Louise is the bad guy who gets sprayed down to his death for running a gang of mosquitoes.Yes he ALWAYS dies,but comes back in the sequels looking better and stronger.(if thats not sending an unclear message about how the product works? and it jus goes to how that maybe louise doesnt do his own stunts..)

Any way,the other day Im watching season three of Mortein Doom; Adventures of Louise the Pest and in this particular scene Louise, as usual is leading a pack of mosquitoes to break in to this house...

Louise: c'mon guys Lets go spread some malaria.....

I was astounded as I heard this and I immediately knew that Louise was in trouble because...Louise is a fly and flies DONT spread malaria.the poor fellow must think he is a mosquito...

I have seen Louise grow on my television screen to become one of Kenya's biggest celebrity but like all child stars he must be on crack...he needs help!!!an AAA intervention...

Ps Louise the Pest is an animated in essence Im indirectly talking about the daft guy who wrote the script and the dummy who approved it...but its entertaining...what does that say about me?

Have a relentless day.


  1. I never noticed the dude is a fly....LOL!!!!!!

  2. louise the pest is the fly that never dies...invite more of your friends to read this blog..

  3. BTW Izao with lui not kufain. Yani Doom dont see how chini it is ama the whole of luis famo is called lui???

  4. i feel for the poor soul who came up the trilogy abt louise the pest!! reading this would be a light bulb moment for him/her.

  5. haha louiseville is where they got him from...

  6. ..come to think o' it, think its high time people(n by that i mean Kenyans)took time n ponder on wot they see n hear in general.
    maybe this Loui ad. shuld be made into a cartoon or samthin.

  7. Whether Louis is a fly or a mosquito notwithstanding, there is a lot of ignorance out there. `come on guys, lets go spread malaria` SMH. As a medical doctor i can tell you its only female anopheles mosquitoes which spread the Plasmodium species, the parasites that cause malaria.