Monday, November 9, 2009



yeah I know its been a while but Im back.yeah it was a long weekend.

I loved watching the Mtv Europe Music Awards ,which may I add were nothing like the Mtv Africa Music Awards...Lets face it,WE HAVE A LOOOONG WAY TO GO!!!

Anyway so on friday I decided to go to a certain lounge in Nairobi to have a drink with a friend after work...(note;the whole day was working with a nasty hangie from previous night indulgence),and I was in a very foul mood. The waiter starts Pms;n on me...I almost caused a scene but my friend told me to take it easy..

I wonder to myself, Is it too much to ask that the waiter be a lot more nicer considering Id had a long day...and I came to this watering hole to relieve myself from the day's stress only for him to multiply it. My conclusion is that for god sakes,I did not ask you to work in customer care and hospitality if your attitude stinks.

Anyway,I had an equally ironic thought. Why do they advise us not to drink and drive whilst they continue to expand parking spots at various watering holes???? Isnt that the biggest bunch of crap ever???ofcourse im going to drive myself home after im done drinking..or did you think I was going to leave my car here, and then come pick it the next day???If thats what you had in mind when you started the campaign against drunk driving,you should remove the parking lots in clubs,bars and anywhere else they sell alcohol..and while you are at it...think of a solution to the problem that would say car pooling to the club with a chauffer..

Have a driven day!!!


  1. you are soo right...they should even ban driving at night!!! allow only cab drivers to drive and maybe we wouldn't be losing so many friends on these roads!!

  2. im just wondering, how u think and come up with these things!! u are so highly talented in ur insightful writings.....ges u always have an analytical eye n mind right!?