Monday, November 16, 2009


Let the truth be told...or atleast my version of the truth...

You know what,sometymz I just need a man to be there for me...strong,secure and all those good things that come with being in a relationship with your soulmate...

But most of the time I just want to be treated like a princesss...Am I a gold digger???I dont think so...

I want a man with a J.O.B who has loads of money and knows how to spend it on me...Lets be real no woman is looking for a man who aint got dough..but if she does go out with one,it wasnt in her plans..

Financial stability is very important for a woman...or atleast for me..It shows me the man is hardworking(not that broke guys arent) ...anyway who cares...

If you think Im alone...ask yourself why every time your woman gives you the time of your life in bed you end up coughing up some major dough for the salon bill,her rent,her mother's root canal...or something...

Or think of it like this...when you are out in the club and you see a beautiful woman with her friends,you try to approach her by using words and she doesnt give you the time of day...but then you up your game and offer to buy her and her friends drinks she even introduces you to them...

Anyway No woman wants a broke nigga but that dont mean she a gold digger...

Thats all Im saying!!!


  1. LOL!!!

    Well said.
    I think us guys will take that bit of advice seriously next time.

    - Get a great paying job
    - Know how to properly splash it out on your lady.


  2. fred...its all about knowing what side of the field you play... goin to keeep them coming..

  3. I wonder what would have happened if Uti hadn't won the money. Who is a Gold digger, Sheila? I use to admire u a whole lot until I read this blog. Where thou love with u, Sheila?

  4. mhhhhhhhhhhh security is important to women but most i think if there is true love, then the woman and the man would invest together to a stable life.(BTW in my life)

  5. its very true security is a big part of our lives nowadays, why would I want a man who aint ready to protect and provide. shooot!!! I aint saying Im a gold digger, but u definately will not find me messing with a broke nigga.

  6. A man is supposed to be a prophet,protector, provider and profess love to his woman.One doesn't have to be rich to be a provider, otherwise only Bill Gates, Carlos and all the Forbes list members would have wives. A woman in a relationship ought to look out for these traits in a man...whatever social economic class that she or her man belongs. I would not want a rich lazy man-after all wealth can be here and gone tomorrow!