Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You guy.what happened to good ol fashioned krakn at q'z?The last tym I was at q'z Izo salimiad me like the prodigal son...I felt so welcome...kumbe I was the first customer of the night...it was midnight.

if i tell you my memories of Q'z youll sare...you guy Ashok needs to d something to resuscitate the legend...He should have seen the signs: there was mass exodus to Bacchus aka the corridor,aka the bedroom,aka the entrance,aka club simama points..etc...

speaking of simama points,SOMEONE explain to me why I stand all night in that club all in the name of rhumbain...and si ati aim kunywain maji...im on madd juizzzz...

av shibad bacchus and i want to go back to good ol fashioned rhumbain...While ashok thinx of his resuscitation plan...i ave patad a new joint...COUNTER aka CLUB HANDBAGS...i rhumbad ther e last weekend but one and it felt alittle more like Q'z...plus they have a 24hr shopping mall for male and female true story...asin you can drink and shop in the comfort of your bar...and the crowd is good...ample parking nini nini...
so im detoxn from electric avenue until further notice.


  1. shiela u make me happy!! miss you girl.

  2. Full of Kenyan slung, i didnt get one bit lol
    But i guess it's an interesting read, judging from the tone :D
    Anyway loved your previous articles and i hope to read more from you.
    Kudos :) <3