Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Often I find myself in conversations with people and we can talk about anything from food to politics,sports to business and the most preferred topic is sex. Yes people love to talk about sex.How to do it,who to do it with,where,when ,different positions etc. There you go getting all excited already. Well this is not about sex.Its about God. Where you going? Dont stop reading this is exactly what I want to talk about. We love to talk about anything else except for God. Why is that?

I have recently discovered that I have a lot of friends who are closet God lovers(note:not saved people but God lovers). They sing,they praise,they go to church read their bibles but would never admitt to one another unless very necessary that they do this things. Infact they feel uncomfortable speaking about it.

Im not saying that they should buy a ' I LOVE GOD' t-shirt. No. Im just wondering why young people will not openly talk about God without feeling uncomfortable about it.Is loving God uncool, or are God lovers being persecuted for their beliefs.

If you fall under this category you are definitely in THE CLOSET and you need to COME OUT.
Its what you believe so be proud of your choices,your Faith,your Beliefs.So on that note, Hi Its Kwambox and I read my bible occassionally(as often as I can).What? Atleast I read.and I pray more often than I read.There I said it. You?


  1. wow, that is so on point!!! Hai, my name is Charmaine from Zambia/Angola, i read the Bible and i pray coz i know i am nothing on my own...phew that felt good!!

  2. ...very true
    am proud to proclaim thur i read th my God..and very proud bein' a christian.

  3. Hi,

    People generally don't talk about GOD is because it is controversial...

    Two topics to avoid in any chat are religion and politics...especially in countries outside East Africa.