Thursday, March 4, 2010

oohhh Its 2010

The hardest thing I had to do in 2010 is to eat a humble pie...Trust me that stuff does not go down well...

I know alot of people (few actually) who have been reading my stuff...I had to take a break ...sorry for the Hiatus...

Due to public demand I will be back with .the blog. I have been postponing my return but I assure you Im back!!! LOOK out from tomorrow...

Tell your friends and your friends friends....

Thats all Im saying..


  1. Hi Sheila kwambox,love your blog and i do hope you take it seriously.You inspire a lot of us watching you on bigbrother allstars and do hope you win the money or better still your soulmate(u know who) wins it cos i am 9ja.You are so full of ideas and creativity and u sincerely care about any cause u set out achieve.I believe u will make it and pray all your dreams come true.Keep your options open cos i see you oneday living in 9ja. Ayo Mathews

  2. great great great i'm a writer myself and all i can say it's BRAVO keep it coming gal...Dig deeper and go ahead publish something u

  3. Kwambox, I like your free interlectual spirit, but iam not for the face book fanatics( old school maybe your mum's type/age), but please lets discusss on email as I would like discuss more with you.
    You remind me of my late niece who just had a way of blarring out how she feels about things and life. Euge

  4. Hey Sheila, u inspire me, i was a big fan of yours in the third season of bba3 and even a bigger fan on bba all stars. U were my winner even though u didn't win. I wish u the best in life and i hope u and Uti have a happy ending, if not i 'm sure that u will be successful on your own. Stay blessed, Thandi a.k.a. Amy

  5. u rock sheila.......keep us well informed. we miss u diva elliot

  6. Hi Sheila,

    Just to let you know a lot of 9ja love you here. You are so talented and don't let that waste, Big up yourself on all levels.