Monday, November 30, 2009


When Adam was created,he was lonely and out of his own rib,God created for him Eve who was to be his COMPANION.Now thats how they started out until Eve ended up multiplying and filling the earth.You see Eve was a smart woman. She did not for one minute think that COMPANION meant friend and if thats what she thought she was dead wrong.

You are probably wondering what on earth Im talking about.It may not relate to you but you may know someone who is lingering in this predicament.You know, that heterosexual guy friend you have who has one million female friends, or that boyfriend who has a female best friend? Hallo!!!!WTF??

Truth be told.Guys say that women just want a man who has money to finance her indulgences.Yes, among other minor details like love.But men used to be pretty much straight to the point.THEY JUST WANT TO HAVE SEX!!!That is until they discovered a shortcut into your pants,or so they thought.

Ladies,listen and listen good.Men are not capable of keeping a female friend and not try to hit on her atleast once in their friendship.However not good looking the girl is,she has what he needs and yes she is a potential socket to his plug.So if you have that man with a female best friend watch out now before you end up being the friend while he discovers true love in his 'best friend' or worse he could be hooking up with the both of you,which is probably what he is doing anyway.

And guys,I hate to be the one to tell you this but, if your strategy is to be her friend and then progress into her pants,quit while you are ahead.She either thinks you are gay(which she is cool with) or she likes the idea of having a guy she can rave and rant to about the guy she wants or her know,girl stuff.

The point is,if you are looking to hook up with someone in the real world,be straightforward and let him/her know that you like what you see and you want know what.

The friend zone tactic was brought about by mexican soaps where the friend always gets the girl.That only works in soaps and boarding schools.

Please be advised ,Im not a relationship guru and the views expressed here are entirely from my own thought process with a hint of experience.

Thats all Im saying.


  1. Hahaa!! tx so much...
    I think u shud be ma tutor

  2. Wow Kwambox you tell it like it is :-) thats why I love galfrnd !!!